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Photonic SH Shampoo (MEN)

Photonic SH Shampoo (MEN)


1. Helps reduce Hair Loss
2. Promotes Natural growth & Strengthens the hair
3. Nourishes the Hair

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Around 90% of men face hair loss problem after just turning 20. There’s a fact about hair, that the people who mostly wear a cap all day long or use a helmet have more hair fall ratio than the people who don’t. Due to these issues, the symptoms of baldness in men are more than women.)

Hair fall problem starts from Scalp dryness & dandruff, due to which growth processing stops, which leads to baldness and thin hair.


Common Hair Problems:

Here are some common hair problems that are sometimes face by men:

  • Thin Hair & Oily Hair

The biggest problem is oiliness of scalp and hair which causes more dirt to stick on the scalp or within a hair that causing more hair damage.

  • Dryness & Frizzy Hair

Extra heat or sun exposure can make your hair more dry and frizzy look.

  • Dandruff

There are many different causes of Dandruff e.g. dry skin, sensitive skin of scalp towards different hair Products.

  • Hair Loss


Hair Harmon:

men having a Hormones called DHT causes Hair Sacks to be smaller so that hair growth reduces and new hair can’t start growing.


Best Triple Action Shampoo:

It’s a necessary to have required hair growth all the time so, men’s always keep on searching for the right product for hair growth, increasing volume & make them stay strong and dandruff free.

A hair product, that suits you can increase your hair volume, make them stay stronger with no-dandruff issues for a long time.

Photonic SH Men Shampoo is one of the best choice for all hair problems for example or e.g. hair loss, thin hair and Dandruff. Its very mild formulation make the shampoo suitable for everyday use. It provides prominently stronger, fuller, healthier hair.

The Photonic SH Men shampoo increase normal hair growth and helps to refurbish the natural & bodily balance of the scalp. It gives strength to the hair, It gives strength to the hair, energize and nourish hair roots. It has a balanced mixture of Vitamins that helps the hair to grow healthy and protect your scalp from dirt and dryness.

It Increases the quantity of hair in the growing phase and decrease hair fall period in the falling phase, also boost up the hair growth process giving strength, volume, and natural shine.

Lower amount of sodium laureth Sulfate (SLES) and parabens guarantees an extra-delicate triple cleaning action and protecting the health of the hair.



Weak & dull thin hair (MEN)


How to Use:

Apply the shampoo to wet hair.

Delicately massage for 3 (three) minutes then rinse.

It can be used as a regular shampoo.



Capsicum Extract:

Capsicum extract is one of the best hair growth-boosting element, it prevents hair fall and helps you to get thicker and healthy hair.

Fucan Sulphate:

Fucan Sulphate boosts up hair growth and brings back natural shinning impact.

Vitamin A Palmitate:

Vitamin A Palmitate is a best natural source for moisturizing scalp and hair in a natural way So, dryness and dandruff stays away and baldness will not be coming back to you.

Vitamin B5:

Vitamin B5 is used as a hair loss treatment basic element in Photonic SH Shampoo, which prevents hair loss and makes new hair to grow rapidly. Its deficiency become a major reason of hair loss or damaging hair.

Ascorbic Acid:

Ascorbic Acid is an organic acid which is used in Shampoo to make its a mild cleanser for giving a smoother texture to your hair so hair breakage due to tangles will be stopped because it’s an anti-breakage element for hair.

It also enhances the natural shine of hair and locks water portion in hair.

Vitamin E Acetate:

Vitamin E Acetate improves scalp surface and increases blood supply to the scalp which makes hair growth process faster and balance required oil production which removes the frizzy look of hair lock the moisture and giving natural shine.

Vitamin B3 (Vitamin PP):

Vitamin B3 is a secret element food for hair, turns food into energy which boosts up hair growth because of blood flow in the scalp.


Aloe Vera Extract:

Aloe vera consists of Proteolytic enzymes which are the main source of removing dead cells from the scalp and work as a natural conditioner provide natural protein, prevent dandruff and avoid itching due to dandruff.

All in one Purest natural shampoo for all hair problems.



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