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Eventone C Body Milk

Eventone C Body Milk



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What is Eventone C Body Milk?

Our body needs care, just like our face to stay hydrated & smoother. In this season your skin developed patches and dullness, not only face skin also full body required complete nourishment naturally to keeps your skin moisturized and Brighten glowing.

It’s annoying to use different moisturizer or body lotions and as a result looks greasy which pop-out acne, open pores and dulls your complexion. Skin just go through from unusual conditions.

Getting Clear Brighten & Fresh moisturize skin Neck to Toe naturally without harmful chemicals is not so far now. Different medicated natural body care range is available in markets.

Eventone C Body milk enriches with raw milk properties and consists of Glutathione, Vitamin C, Heart wood extract of A Lakoocha and Kojic Acid which is the complete package for full body whitening & moisturizing neck to toe in a natural way.

Glutathione infuses with natural whitening property that gives a brighter tone to skin and increases the level of collagen naturally. Vitamin c Provide protection against Ultraviolet rays and Kojic acid is a natural element that lightens the skin and uses for the treatment of sunburn scars and aging spots. It also prevents melanin production in the skin.

Sun rays are the main causes of premature aging signs so, it works as protection against sunburn and aging signs. Eventone c body milk not just a whitening & moisturizing milk also restore natural younger looking skin, fadeout your age spots wrinkles fine lines.

For the treatment of redness and acne, it’s the best solution which reduces acne and pimple scars and gradually fade out completely.

Its balance and hydrates skin for enjoying a healthy smoother skin every day naturally. It’s not as heavily moisturizing but it gives required moisture to your skin.

So if you have dry skin and are in a rush to get out of the home in the morning this could give you just the right hydration to avoid skin tightening or dryness and makes a flawless brighten skin tone with SPF 45 protection.

A complete body care product brings you your natural smoother brighten skin with just fewer days of use.

With regular use every morning and before bedtime:

Naturally whiter skin, softer and moisturized skin
More even skin tone, stronger skin cells.
Enhance collagen formation, help the skin to repair itself naturally
Detoxify skin
Advanced light fragrances that fade away easily.

How to use:

Just Apply evenly on body
Gently massage and absorb it well.


Avoid Contact with eye area while applying
Avoid use on wounded skin especially on open cuts.

Advance Skin Nourishment:

Vitamin A, B, C and E deeply moisturize skin naturally. It also protects against premature aging signs like dullness, dryness and age spots.

Vitamin C extract:

Vitamin C is an antioxidant better for skin protection from environmental changes, it also brings back elasticity of the skin. It plays a vital role to stop collagen break down & boost up collagen, mainly prevent skin cells to be damaged with sunburn.


Glutathione is an essential component for getting whitening naturally. It consists of natural antioxidants that work as a shield against sunburn and prevent hyperpigmentation. It decreases the melanin production & gradually increases collagen naturally which brings brighten skin evenly and lighten the dark spots areas.
Sun Protection SPF45, PA+++:

Sun screen ingredients attenuate (reduce the intensity) of UV lights and protect from sun burn.

Lakoocha Heartwood Extract:

Its treat several skin diseases like boils, Acne and wounds spots. It’s also a natural effective whitening agent and lighten the dark spots of acne.

Marine Collagen:

Marine Collagen improve wound Healing and Reduce Scars and enhance skin texture. It also have antibacterial effects which helps in joint pain relaxation.

Kojic Acid:

Wonder element for the fight against acne with its antimicrobial & antifungal properties. Kojic acid work as an anti-aging element and in addition lighten the skin tone naturally by inhibiting melanin production. There isn’t any chance of opposing effects on a human’s skin of Kojic acid. It also treats skin diseases e.g. Melasma.

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