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Ceramo ORAL Moisturizer

Ceramo ORAL Moisturizer


A wide base of scientific research supports the notion that orally ingested plant ceramides can :
● Oral Moisturizer, Gluten free
● Eliminate wrinkles, reduces fine lines
● Significant softening of the Skin
● Rehydrate, revive, and reinvigorate damaged and aging skin.

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Winter winds and falling temperature reduce our natural skin’s moisturizer and reduce its natural protection. Winter season changes can make skin flakier dry and irritated. Skin needs more natural care in winters with some moisturizing products contains ceramides that lock the water in a skin and keep the body surface moist & soft.

Ceramo is a natural ceramide derived from wheat. Ceramides are elements of lipid molecules called sphingolipids, a vital element of human skin. The ceramides are found in both plants and the human body are now known to be basically similar.

All four layers of the skin contain ceramides, and they play a critical role in skin health by creating a barrier that reduces infection and helps to retain the skin’s moisture and smoothness.

Ceramo Tablets has high skin moisturizing capacity. Thus provides the anti-aging effect, micro-relief, and elasticity with regular use. It helps in enhancing skin appearance & smoothness. Ceramo has a low dose and quick action.

It’s completely natural origin, non-GMO & does not contain gluten. It is also an anti-radicalar.

You can enjoy refreshing, healthy-looking skin with Ceramo Tablets replace the ceramides you lose with skin restoring Phytoceramides.


Benefits of Ceramo Tablets are:

  • It’s oral Moisturizer and Gluten free
  • Totally eliminate wrinkles, reduces fine lines
  • Significant soften the skin
  • Rehydrate, revive, and reinvigorate damaged and premature aging skin.
  • Orally taken Phytoceramides significantly boost up skin hydration, smoothness, elasticity
  • Clearly reverse aging-related skin issues wrinkling, drying, and decline
  • Dramatic improvements in the hydration, elasticity, and youthful appearance of dry, flaky, itchy skin
  • Complete removal of dryness reported by 95% of study subjects
  • It significantly reduces inflammation
  • Inhibit melanogenesis, reverse the patchy pigmentation of skin aging
  • Maintain the natural water-retaining properties of the skin



Dry skin, Ichthyosis, Psoriasis, Detergent induced dermatitis, Dermatitis, Atopic dermatitis, Eczema, Xeroderma, Stretch marks (before formation)


How to Consume:

Recommended One tab a day after meals

Use at least for three months



Keep out of reach of children.

Protect from heat & direct sunlight.

For oral use only

Ingredients Ratio


Glycosphingolipids & Sphingolipids 50% Phytoceramides 5-10%
Digalactosyl Diglycerides 40% Triglycerides 0-5%


Glycosphingolipids & Sphingolipids:

Glycosphingolipids are generally known as ceramides. Ceramides help to maintain the skin natural texture to keeps it smoothens & soft. The skin natural lipid barrier becomes stronger.


Phytoceramides are natural skin restoring agent which keeps skin cells naturally stronger and becomes a strong barrier against sunburn, dryness, uneven skin, and different skin problems. It also protects against environmental changes and several skin allergies.

Digalactosyl Diglycerides:

It significantly boosts up skin hydration and keeps skin moisturized naturally. It also reduces aging signs e.g. wrinkles fine lines and freckles, decrease in elasticity.


Triglycerides derived from coconut oil and glycerin, it’s a best moisturizing element and or the replenish of skin.

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