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Daily Archives - August 9, 2018

Dermoteen Whitening Cream

Whitening Cream designed for teenage skin whitening which makes skin glowing, fair, radiant & smooth. Dermoteen Whitening Cream reduces dark spots & lighten skin tone. Special Formula for teenagers to improve the skin tone & complexion.


Ceramo ORAL Moisturizer

Ceramides are components of specialized lipid molecules called sphingolipids, an essential element of human skin. The ceramides that are found in both plants and the human body are now known to be structurally similar.


De LICE Shampoo with conditioner

The most common symptom of lice is itching. There are different symptoms, depending on which type of lice one has. Head lice may not cause any symptoms at first. Itching on the scalp may start weeks or even months after lice have started to spread. Scratching can make the skin raw.


Fair & Pink Lotion for face

The more effective, faster and safer approach to skin lightening with SPF 20. New Fair & Pink MultiVitamin Fairness Cream targets spots caused by concentration of melanin. Fair & Pink’s MultiVitamin formula works on melanin at the source at three different ways and lightens existing spots, prevents new spots & marks from appearing. Fair n Pink Skin Whitening Cream makes your skin glowing, fair, radiant and smooth.